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Oh lordy I fully expect to see some ZonexHarry action in future segments of Fan-Art

Looks great, sounds great, and has some good visual gags, but the whole thing is reaaally slow-paced.
If it was because you were trying to match the visuals with the rythme of the music I get it, but more things could've been happening to make it more interesting (perhaps more visual gags or enemies interacting in the background).

Eggman: putting that 300 IQ to the test.

Nice animation and the facial expressions were the most entertaining bit about this flash. That being said, the joke itself has already been done before and the ending result was very predictable... well except eggman breakdancing, that's still funny.

ExploadingRabbits responds:

thanks for the kind words, actually i have been told a lot that the ending was quite unexpected but you know not everyone has seen everything thanks again

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The worst part of animating has become one of the most entertaining gadgets.

Simply a good, addictive time-killer. I've been at it for about 2 hours and I hadn't even noticed. It's also good for practicing lip-synch in general.

If I had to ask for more, it's be more lip ranges because it doesn't exactly cover all the common sounds, but I suppose what's here is enough to improvise with. More facial expressions would be nice too, but that's not really as necessary.


At first I was joking about all the crap I would do in the last six days, but I wound up taking this much more seriously once I started playing. The stress from knowing that we actually have ONE chance at this and the things that you do to prevent it (or not depending on your path) may all be in vain. It's a fantastic game and I'm glad that there will never be a replay button, it makes our decisions seem much more meaningful.

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Simply Amazing

This was so relaxing and mind-numbing, I could swear I was in the environment being portrayed. An added bonus is that this cured my headache. I do feel it got repetitive at times, but that only came across my mind when I was actually trying to review it, rather than listen to it. Stunning job!

Reminds me of Ice Cap zone

This beat is really catchy. Simplistic but it still manages to stay away from being repetitive, it's just all around (dare I say it) groovy! Great beat, great job!

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Great anatomy, I can really tell all their bones are mangled and broken no really good job

Nice signature idiot. I'm sure people are dying to upload this to deviantart.

Jeez nearly 10 years later and I'm still obsessed. Oh yea this flash went no where; it was a bunch of meme stuff cause I was a faggot so yknow no loss here.

I'm not very active but I'll be sure to post stuff when it gets done.

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